Jade Solomon
Jade Solomon
Dance Artist | Choreographer

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"She is a riveting performer (as anyone who saw her when she was with Spectrum can attest), but in her own work, her terrific facility coalesced with her unique artist’s voice to transfixing effect."  -SeatteDances, Mariko Nagashima


Hey there, I’m Jade Solomon Curtis. I’m a dance artist and choreographer.


I integrate Black vernacular movements with contemporary dance, technology and Hip Hop culture. Through the lens of a contemporary Black woman, my works ponder tradition and reinvention, social justice, social constructs as well as intuition and logic- often resulting in the subversion of an idea.

My current work, Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger, is a multisensory dance work that explores the reverb of a single word in a global community. It considers the effects of the word nigger, all its permutations, its history and its casual use in Hip Hop culture. Comprised of 5 sections created in collaboration with two of America’s leading Black media-design technologists, original sound composition and local activists; it asks if it is possible to redefine a word that was intended to belittle a people.


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“Right now I am more interested in exploring what’s happening deep down in me. 


I’m interested in exploring the conversations I’m having with people and exploring, 

showing work or rather creating work that reflects the current state of my existence, 

and that is not always pretty.”



-Jade Solomon Curtis, Crosscut Seattle