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Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger

"On stage or off, dance artist Jade Solomon Curtis radiates passion and honesty. We’re talking about the inspiration for her long-brewing multidisciplinary dance work Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger: rage at the war on Black Americans, her own lived racist experiences, dismay at the hip-hop community’s casual use of a word forged in hatred." CityArts Magazine

Dancing around an epithet

"Jade Solomon Curtis moves across the stage with intention and purpose. Her entire body is permeated with the emotion she needs to convey. She easily convinces the audience by manipulating her limbs." - Real Change

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"Curtis apologizes for always talking in story form, but she says it’s how she communicates. Rather than being long-winded, however, Curtis is a masterful storyteller. The details are direct and vital. They ground her concepts into concrete and imaginable circumstances. Perhaps it is this same intelligence that makes her choreography so arresting and relatable." - Seattle Dances